How do I calibrate the two nozzles

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How do I calibrate the two nozzles

Postby 3DPProfessor » Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:30 pm

I'm printing these dual color decoder rings, basically 2 prints that print very close to each other, but they shouldn't be touching. Only problem is, they are. With other dual nozzle machines I can fix this by changing some settings in the firmware to tell them to adjust by some amount in the X and Y, but I see no such setting here. How do I calibrate the printer so it doesn't overlap the 2 parts of the print.

Oh, and lineing up a dual print like this, especially for printing multiple copies on a plate, is a beast in the software, unless I'm missing something.
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Re: How do I calibrate the two nozzles

Postby Michael.P@Raise3D » Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:25 pm

Hi 3DPProfessor,

It sounds like you are attempting to print dual extrusion with two different parts but you do not want them to be attached to each other once the print is done? If this is correct then I would not recommend you try this path as it will only lead to either the parts sticking together or them not sticking together. Both of which will not produce the end result you seem to want.

If I am misreading this then your question may be how to align the to parts to sit perfectly on top of each other without being offset. To adjust the X and Y axis adjustment you will need to measure out the offset (preferably) with a 20mm calibration cube, and apply an X/Y offset in the slicer for your printer.
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Re: How do I calibrate the two nozzles

Postby firesped » Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:40 pm

to get an alignment, the easiest way is likely to print 4 20mm cubes. at a set distance in the slicer on a raft.

set each box to the follow coordinates.

X:-15, Y:-15 set to left extruder
X:-15, Y:15 set to right extruder
X:15, Y:-15 set to right extruder
X:15, Y:15 set to left extruder

the distance between the boxes should be 10mm. since you printed to a raft, they should be stuck to the raft.

by measuring the distance on the actual print, you should be able to determine how far off your parts are to set the corrected offsets.

you may also want to set it to a wipe tower versus using the wipe wall. I'm not sure if they fixed it but I found the wipe wall was not as effective in the past. I actually need to calibrate my printer for dual extrusion soon.
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