FFF Pro3 Plus Issues - nozzle temp and slow UI

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FFF Pro3 Plus Issues - nozzle temp and slow UI

Postby jmanhalo2 » Thu Mar 02, 2023 4:14 pm

We got a Pro3 Plus with FFF kit for Christmas last year. 300hrs and 6kg of PLA later its still running extremely well; for the most part. I do have the latest firmware on the machine.

The hotend temperature does swing up and down about 15 degrees. I'm not happy about it, but it hasn't been affecting my prints. I've seen this mentioned a few times on here, with no solid solution. Any suggestions?

Most annoyingly, is the UI touch screen becomes extremely slow after a print. The point where I have to wait 5 seconds for a touch to register. If I reset the printer its better, but after one print it slows down again. It was blazing fast when we first bought it though. Could it be because I am saving all my prints locally on the machine? I use Ideamaker to upload direct to printer. Should I start using the USB or Raisecloud?

Otherwise the FFF kit is awesome. I cant stand using our old N2 Plus for anything over a few hours.

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