Filament jam sensor ideas

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Filament jam sensor ideas

Postby Jeff_Birt » Mon Sep 13, 2021 1:50 am

I was thinking of ways to add a filament jam sensor to my E2. It has a filament out sensor which is nice but knowing that the filament had stopped moving when it should be moving would also be helpful. This is the one area where the Makerbot 5th Gen 'Smart Extruder' did something right. Otherwise it was a crap extruder.

The simpler external approach.
An easy approach would be a simple encoder wheel that is rotated by the filament as it is drawn through. It could be tied into the filament out circuit to stop the machine. The problem is that you would need to know when the filament was supposed to be moving and would also need to handle the quite variable rate at which filament is drawn into the extruder. So how would one know when a particular extruder was operational?

The more complicated motion board integration approach
A more complicated approach would be to integrate this functionally into the motion controller board. As I recall the E2 has Duet motion board which I'm sure can support such functionality. How to get it work work properly with the E2 touchscreen UI computer is another matter.

I'm hoping to start some brainstorming and see if a good solution can be found.

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