Berd Air add on

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Berd Air add on

Postby Hellraizer » Wed Jun 10, 2020 9:19 am


we're printing at work mostly in spiral vase mode but our model have lots of overhangs, so I recently optimized the spiral vase printing speed and I would be able to increase speed by 1/3 if it werent for the model cooling.

The avarage speed before increasing the speed was 30mms but as soon as i go higher than 35 cooling the overhangs become a problem by curling up.

Possible Solution: Berd Air. I succesfully installed it some months ago on my private printer. I found all the parts on ali and even installed the little mostfet chip that converts the fan signal to usuable voltage for the airpump.

I could of course just use and external PSU and voltage controller and have the pump running completly independent from the printer, but I wonder if someone has tried installing a berd air style model cooling solution on his raise machine and wants to share some experiences.



Jonny Brylcreem
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Re: Berd Air add on

Postby Jonny Brylcreem » Fri Jul 03, 2020 12:14 pm

That's pretty cool!
I've been thinking about something similar for one of my other printers.
What pump are you using ? And are you able to control the rate of airflow by PWM?

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