Raise touch operation after filament-out detection

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Raise touch operation after filament-out detection

Postby Ari » Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:24 pm

Can anyone with the filament run out sensor fitted confirm whether or not the Raise Touch allows the extruders to be purged manually whilst the print job has been paused in response to a ‘filament-out’ detection?

I am considering adding a filament out sensor but I have observed that upon resuming from a user initiated pause there is often a need to move filament into the extruder to compensate for filament that has oozed out of the nozzle whilst it has been sitting idle. The problem is that the Raise Touch has disabled the extruder controls whilst in the paused state. Without the ability to purge the nozzle I find the first layer after resuming the print is weak due to under extrusion.

I am operating a N2 with older (i.e. not up to date) firmware but I somehow suspect the later ‘frs’ version firmware has the same operation.

I wonder therefore how others are dealing with this issue?


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