Screen Failure

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Screen Failure

Postby NicM » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:26 pm


I have got an Pro2 Plus and we have been having intermittent screen problems.

The screen is completely black/blank, the rest of the printer starts including fans etc.

It would only black out once we had turned it off and turned back on again but after a few times of trying off-on again it would jump back into life.

However, now there is nothing at all we have tried multiple times and on different days to fix it rebooting etc but still no joy.

It is not that old, actually this is a replacement one. We have had it less than a year I believe. The first one was send back as it was just absolute trash and would not print at all. Must have been one of the first batch that went out. From what I have heard a fair few were returned.

I have raised a ticket with 3dgbire. Their first comment was to replace the screen entirely which is a huge expense for a machine that is not even that old. This is a mess, we run a prototyping business and this is used very often and is currently down.

Has anyone else had the same issue? If so how did you fix?

Many thanks

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