Thermal Pads by Matthew Lozano

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Thermal Pads by Matthew Lozano

Postby John@Raise3D » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:39 am

Originally posted by Matthew Lozano

Bed clips removed and glass with buildTak still installed, bed is stuck down with four 0.5mm thermal pads cut to about 50mm square. ... ge_o00_s00

Target bed temperature 60c .
Ambient 20c.
Top right corner of the bed is cooler due to the hotend fans.
Test was 9 minutes long with a photo every one minute. Time is at the bottom of the screen.
Temp at the red cross hair is displayed in the top left corner of the screen, approximate peak temp in the screen frame is in the top right (ie the temp of the four hot points)
Time / Bot's LCD temp / Center of bed / Pad hotpoint
0 / 20c / 23.8c / 23.8c
1 / 46c / 27.6c / 36.8c
2 / 59c / 35.7c / 49.3c
3 / 60c / 42.9c / 54.2c
4 / 60c / 46.4c / 55.8c
5 / 60c / 49.1c / 56.1c
6 / 60c / 50.1c / 56.8c
7 / 60c / 51.1c / 56.9c
8 / 60c / 51.5c / 56.9c
9 / 60c / 51.7c / 57.4c
So it looks like having only four thermal pads will not give the greatest heat transfer, at the 5min mark the center of the bed is a full 10c lower then what the bot thinks it is.
I'm not sure how much this will effect prints, some more testing is needed but it looks like it might be a good idea to increase the bed temp 5-10c of normal if you use the therm pads in each corner. At higher target bed temperatures I would expect the difference to be even greater.

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