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Instructions for replacing Controller Board on N1?

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 2:48 pm
by Noren
Hi. Is there any instructions for replacing the Controller board in the Raise3D N1? I just got a replacement board and just want to make shure I follow the right steps. Seams quite straight forward but rather safe than sorry. :)

Re: Instructions for replacing Controller Board on N1?

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:08 pm
by Jetguy
Unless official support sends you something, no.

I will give you some tips that apply to all 3D printer building, not just the Raise 3D N series.
#1 Pay extra attention to the red and black power and heater wires. Ensure they are inserted and tight inside the green terminal blocks. The best way is to turn the screw fully counter clockwise several turns until you feel it come loose internally, at that point, the terminal is now ready to accept wire. Here is a video for the pluggable type but the rules are the same for both Ensure the wires are not tinned with solder and fresh clean bare copper or if they are using the crimp lug, that's good too. Failure at this step will cause the wires and terminal to heat up instead of the bed and ruin your brand new board.

#2 If you are replacing the board, the new one hopefully is coming with stepper drivers installed. Ensure they are all the correct direction based on the tiny silkscreen pin labeling. Do not insert them backwards.

#3 Do one wire at a time so as to not misorder them.

Again, if nothing else, the 2 most common failures are:

#1 inserting stepper drivers the wrong way resulting in instant destruction and potentially blowing everything even from on driver being reversed.
#2 Screw terminals for high power connections like the heated bed and main power inputs melting from improper wire termination and making sure the terminals are tight.

The good thing is that Raise 3D used properly rated larger sized screw terminals. That's great as a point where many other brands take shortcuts. That said, even a good terminal can go bad if the wires are not tight and making good contact.

These pictures are from other brands and they use smaller connectors, but like I said, this is possible if not installed correctly. I recommend that everyone at least once in a while, if you open the control box to blow out the dust, check this kind of slow failure. Prevention is a good thing. I'm not posting these to bash other brands, just raise awareness of what can go wrong.

Re: Instructions for replacing Controller Board on N1?

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:52 pm
by Noren
Thanks for the help.
But I am getting a little frustrated now.
My new N1-printer printed (kind of) well for the first few prints. The prints were fine but the printer were acting strange. To make a long story short. The printer stoped booting. And only showed a backlit black screen. Today I got a replacement controller board in the mail.

I was so happy to get (probably) get the printer running again.
I marked all of the connections.
Put on an ESD-armband.
Removed the old Controller board (v.1 white in color)
Installed the new Controller board (v.2 blue in color, but otherwise it looks almost the same as the old).

All went well. But when connecting the last cord, the 24V one.
The connector is to small on the new Controller board.
On the old Controller board all connections were of equal size.
On the new one the 24V connection is smaller. See attached images. (old board white, new board blue).

What to do? I didn't get any cables or anything with the new board.
Do I need a new cord?
Or can I buy a new connector and replace the one on the cord with a smaller one that fits?
And what is the name for that kind of connector?



Re: Instructions for replacing Controller Board on N1?

Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:06 am
by Vicky@Raise3D
PM sent. Please check.