improvement: skip selected components in case they go wrong

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improvement: skip selected components in case they go wrong

Postby Nobbi50 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:47 pm

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that when printing several components at the same time, one or more of them detach from the plate. This then causes these loose parts are moved and in the following printing loops plastic balls arise, which in turn are dragged to the still good other components and these might also torn from the plate as well or in minimum look bad. In addition, unnecessary material is wasted. I think everyone knows the problem here!
My wish is that a possibility is provided to disable these defective print areas during printing, at least that there is no further Filalment transported! I imagine that when a damaged, detached position on the built plate is reached, a keypad on the printer monitor is pressed manually, which then causes an omission of the relevant part.
I think, this would be a very important improvement.

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