[Feature Request] Enhance Printer Start/End G-Code

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[Feature Request] Enhance Printer Start/End G-Code

Postby FenikkusuOsiris » Mon Sep 04, 2023 3:49 am

I use Klipper for my printers. I have custom macros added for them that differ only in the underlying G-Code. The names of these macros are the same across the printers, along with the parameters. Currently, I have to specify my start G-Code on every filament. It would be nice if I could do this instead on the printer level, as it is otherwise the same:

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;Nozzle diameter = {machine_nozzle_diameter1}
;Filament type = {filament_name_abbreviation1}
;Filament name = {filament_name1}

PRINT_START TEMP_BED={temperature_heatbed} TEMP_EXT={temperature_extruder1}
PURGE_LINE BELT_PRINTER={belt_wall_enable} BELT_LAYER_HEIGHT={layer_height} BELT_LAYER_SPEED={belt_wall_speed}  BELT_LAYER_WIDTH={belt_wall_flowrate} LAYER_HEIGHT={first_layer_height} LAYER_SPEED={first_layer_speed}  LAYER_WIDTH={first_layer_extrusion_width_ratio}

Adding it to the Printer would make it easy to setup the initial G-Code of any specific printer, allowing me to leave the Filament Start G-Code specific to the filament.

Currently, I can attempt to use the fields that are on the Printer Screen, but from what I see, it doesn't parse variables, so a bit more difficult.

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