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Finding this Forum

Postby svandru » Wed Aug 17, 2022 5:05 am

I see diminished activity on this forum and I wonder, is it because it is so hard to find? I forgot the URL and went to, but I could not find a link to this forum anywhere. The link used to be in an odd place under support, but all ideaMaker support links go to the manual. There is no link to the forum on, and I could not find it on, either. I gave up and googled for it: "forum"

As I wrote this, I went back to see if I could have missed it somehow. after another 10 minutes of stumbling around on, I finally found the "community" icon at the bottom of the page though it looked like it was grayed out. I had either stopped at the ideaMaker icon or I scrolled past community several times hoping to find something in the footer.

I would like to see it someplace prominent like under "Resources" at the top of the page and in the footer. Maybe more people would then come here and help each other out.

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