IDEX purge bucket help

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IDEX purge bucket help

Postby ant0 » Wed Jul 28, 2021 1:16 am

Hi, I have a IDEX I built myself with Marlin firmware. I have all the basics running very well in ideamaker and I must say I am impressed with ideamaker so far.

I mainly print in PETG... I know I can have the idle hot end cool down to slow the ooze from the nozzle when parked but I can't work out how to have the idle extruder do a purge at it's parked position before moving to print.

I have it initially doing a prime before start print in the start script as per normal but now I have setup a purge bucket and nozzle scraper at the parked position and before it moves I'd like it to prime and clean the nozzle.

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