problem after firmware update

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problem after firmware update

Postby p-trax » Sun Jun 21, 2020 11:29 am

Hi All, Ive been away for a long time.
turned my printer on today after a year of being disconnected.
printer was running well at last use, but still on firmware .9 something.
updated today to 1.4 and the back button seems to be disabled when I go into settings.

rebooting the screen module is the only way to get back to home screen.

Having already replaced the screen module twice during ownership I am hoping it hasn't died or boredom from sitting idle.

any advice gratefully received

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Re: problem after firmware update

Postby Jetguy » Sun Jun 21, 2020 3:14 pm

Sorry to see another user struggle with touchscreen issues.
I happen to know that Raise tech support has a software utility to completely re-write the EMCC storage module of the board back to a baseline. This does you no good because they don't share this in public, but it angers me over and over to know how many touch screens users paid to have replaced when some of the fixed could just be reimaging the EMCC back to a known baseline image and then updating.

I just want to make sure you and all the other users get on the same page here.
The touchscreen is a linux computer originally based on the pcDuino Acadia design. Yes, raise customized it and later version screen boxes are different boards, but at a foundational level this is nothing more than basically a cheap tablet with a touchscreen- just not in tablet shape.
The point is, updates are software image (file structure, folders and files). Stop calling it firmware because it's not.
Here's the fundamental difference and can explain why you are having issues.
Firmware is what runs on the motion board, a microprocessor with flash memory. When you flash a new firmware, you overwrite the ENTIRE contents of the flash memory with a new firmware. Again, this is the motion board. It's a small dedicated microprocessor and we are talking a very small file.
Software runs on top of the operating system on the touchscreen module. That software is called raise touch- hence raisetouch updates and raisetouch versions. Software is MORE than one file. Yes, you transfer a compressed single archive file, but what that files contains is MASSIVE.

So the problem:
A raisetouch update might contain ALL kinds of files and locations within the complete operating system "image" on the EMCC (AKA the harddrive of the computer in layterms). A raise touch update might update all kinds of subsystems, drivers, touchscreen software, OS updates, network fixes, above and beyond replacing the "raisetouch application" which is the screens and user interface you run the printer with.
The point being, I've always questions if it was possible to have a conflict where a machine was at update say 0.9 like yours was, then jumping past several updates skips or has incompatible configurations and files that result in a mismatch.
Something like 1.3 implements a new way of doing something, then later patches and fixes are made, and 1.6 adds and overwrites a few files.
But jumping from 0.9 to 1.6, we get some mistmatched or missing files provided by an update in the middle.

So the 2 ways forward besides buying a new screen:
Learn and know about how to roll back to a previous version. This may not fix it, but would be a good start. ... 40&p=32188
If that doesn't "fix" is, then resort to step 2
Open a help desk ticket and demand you want to reimage the control box back to a factory baseline OS image.
It requires you open the box and connect to the internal USB OTG connector so not exactly novice friendly and like I said, step #1 is going to be getting the software image out of the help desk team and good luck on that....

I'm not saying this can fix a hardware screen failure, and that could be the case, but again, things that do not require screen replacement can be done BEFORE laying out for yet another screen.

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Re: problem after firmware update

Postby DeX » Mon Dec 14, 2020 1:47 am

I think i need to reinstall all over . Do a Master Reset. low level format everything and install linux and r3d stuff.
I've got some problems with touchscreen's update (it was not ended) and now that little PC feels strange. re install all over

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