change filament on pause

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change filament on pause

Postby ivan » Wed May 13, 2020 4:15 pm

I have problem when try to change filament (color) on pause with retraction, before pause retraction start with -7mm, after change filament (nozzle is full) there is a blob in start of print becouse of retraction (+7mm)
an I avoid retraction before pause?(M83 command) (the same problem was with M600 command)
How can I solve this?
part of gcode example:
G0 F6000 X107.379 Y105.035
G1 F2880 X108.221 Y104.192 E172.4068
G0 F6000 X107.687 Y104.161
G1 F2880 X107.379 Y104.470 E172.4213
G1 F2700 E165.4213
G1 Z15 F300
G1 X190.000000 Y190.000000 F9000
M84 E0
G1 X103.236000 Y119.492000 Z1.300000 F9000
G1 F9000
G0 F300 Z1.500
G0 F6000 X106.772 Y108.341
G1 F1200 E172.4213
G1 F600 X106.812 Y108.375 E172.4230
G1 X106.850 Y108.446 E172.4257
G1 X106.859 Y108.518 E172.4281

thanks for help,

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