Generate Support issue in IM

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Generate Support issue in IM

Postby tja » Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:14 pm

Hi Vicky, just came across another small issue in beta, which has probably been there for ever...

When you add manual supports to a model and you have the 'Generate Support' box set to 'None' on the Support tab in Advanced Settings (so all the options for Supports, including Left or Right Extruder are greyed out) it still uses the greyed out extruder choice for actually printing the supports. There are no visual clues that it will do this, because IM uses the default yellow colour for supports and not the colour you have set under the View Button option. The Print Preview does show the supports in the 'Right Extruder' colour, but if it's set to orange like mine was (or yellow!) you don't really notice it. When you slice it there's a pop up window warning that manual supports have been added but supports are disabled in the template, but it doesn't tell you that it will use all the settings on the support tab even though they disabled/greyed out.

I rarely need to add any supports to my models, but when I do I use the manual support addition option. Today, after setting up the manual support structure on a one-extruder print, my model showed up in the white colour I have set for the Left Extruder, with the supports appearing in the IM default yellow colour. When I started to print I noticed that it was heating up the Right Extruder as well which should not have been necessary. Looking through the template I couldn't find any use of the Right Extruder enabled. I then guessed that even though the settings were greyed out they were still being implemented and I needed to choose Touch Platform Only in the Generate Support box, set the Support Extruder back to Left Extruder and then set the Generate Support box back to None. This fixed the problem

There are probably a few ways to resolve this going forward, but I would suggest that settings that will be used during slicing are not greyed out. Adding a 'Manual Support' option into the 'Generate Support' choices would allow the options to all be left black and adjustable.

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Re: Generate Support issue in IM

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:50 pm

Thanks for bringing the issue up. We will consider redesigning the interfaces and logic here to make the options able to edit when manual support being generated.

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