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Re: ideaMaker 3.5.0-Beta Release Notes

Postby Cotty » Tue Mar 10, 2020 6:49 pm

Please, also look at an option for duplicating multiple models as groups/sets.

the duplicate tool currently places all parts individually. If you align a multi-material/multi-model print and select all the parts for duplication, the current tool places each part separately. You then have to manually align each set (which places them at the origin, overlapping the original set) and move them to an open space.

Another option would be an [align A to B] tool that moves the origin of part A to the local origin of part B (where Part B does not move).

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Re: ideaMaker 3.5.0-Beta Release Notes

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Thu Mar 12, 2020 1:18 am

Cotty wrote:
DeX wrote:6. A little convenience: you DO NOT need to select a model to Auto Ungroup it IF there is only ONE model on the table ;) m?

Please do the same for the Duplicate tool so that if there is only one model on the build plate, it automatically selects that model for duplication.

Thank you for updating the Duplicate function so that it fills in empty spots instead of placing parts outside the printable are. :D

Could a [fill the bed] button be added to the "Number of copies" dialog box that would calculate the largest array of duplicates that would fit in the printable area, create that many copies, and center that array in the printable area?
There is still the issue that the alignment of the duplication grid is based on the location of the original model. If the original part's location, doesn't align with the theoretical max-fit duplication grid, the duplicator will place copies outside the printable area. Usually this issue crops up when you are trying to duplicate an object in the default center placement that would fit best with with an even number of rows or columns. (see attachments)

Attached: duplicating 31 Benchys from center origin (places parts outside the printable area) and from an offset of X32 Y17.5 (centers parts on bed)

If there is only one model on the plate, you can use Ctrl+A to select it.
When the models being selected and copied, they are considered as one group. The relative position among the models will be kept and used when being pasted to somewhere else.

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