Sensing an X/Y Shift

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Sensing an X/Y Shift

Postby zemlin » Fri Mar 01, 2019 4:45 pm

At the day job we have a MarkForged MKII printer. I just discovered an interesting feature of this machine.
Between layers the head makes a trip to the X/Y Home. I had wondered why it did that. Today I found out.

Some support came loose from the bed on the build I was running this morning. I got a notification of an aborted print due to a dislocation. It only printed one bad layer. When it went to the X/Y home before the next layer it allowed the printer to sense that something is wrong. Either one of the home switches was hit early, or not hit at all during the home excursion. Don't know if this would require a firmware mod or not - my knowledge of the inner workings of these machines is minimal.

I don't know if there is any IP associated with this feature, or if there are other printers that do this. It adds a bit of time to the print, and could also cause ooze/blob issues depending on the material and retraction settings, but I could see this as a nice checkbox to be added in a slicer.

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