Dual Extruder Retraction Issues

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Dual Extruder Retraction Issues

Postby RandomSull » Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:30 pm

Recently purchased the Pro2 and have around 100 hours of printing done thus far. Overall pretty impressed BUT the dual extruder is really kicking my ass to put it bluntly.

Right of the gate after initial setup I attempted to print the single color spinner that came on the USB. And...the print failed. Turns out it was printing from the Left extruder but that extruder was in the "up" position while the right extruder was in the "down". Thus the material was laying far above the bed, then the right extruder would also come and wipe it all over. After some playing around I finally got it to lower the left and retract the right by "loading" filament.

Is there some setting I'm missing in IdeaMaker to tell it to lower the extruder it is printing from prior to printing (and retract the inactive extruder)? This seems like something extremely simply that should be default. IE Only print material if the extruders are in the correct position.

Also, what is the best method for me to manually lower the correct extruder before I start a print? It feels like I generally just get "lucky" by trying different combinations of "loading" and/or manually raising nozzle temp and trying to force it to extrude . Though even when at or above tempt it usually gives me an error most of the time that it isn't at temp and wont extrude (thus not lowering the extruder). Generally I've I have had to shutdown the printer and reboot it will then it will let me extrude and lowers the head while doing so.

I did complete a two color print, but again it took a seemly silly amount of effort to ensure the correct starting extruder was lower (and other raised).

I almost feel like this is a bug and I should reinstall firmware? Or I'm missing something simple (used to lulzbot and cura)?

Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: Dual Extruder Retraction Issues

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:39 am

The extruder won't work until the temperature of nozzle has reached to over 180C.
Please make sure that you have both firmware updated to the latest version in our download center.
Once firmware confirmed, would you like to test loading the filament with both Left and Right nozzle alternately under Utilities tab? And see whether nozzle drops before it starts loading filament out.

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