Touchscreen Firmware 1.0.0 issues

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Touchscreen Firmware 1.0.0 issues

Postby AJM » Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:54 pm

These are not necessarily new, but still around issues...

1. Firmware update should indicate the current and new version numbers *before* starting the process instead of at the end.
Right now, it displays the license agreement first and then there is no stopping after agreeing to it.

2. Firmware update completion should say "Update successful" or "Updated successfully", not "Update successfully". Bad English makes the printer to be of inferior quality.

3. Touchscreen Other Maintenance shows "CPU Temperature" of 54224. Wow, that's hot. Is there a decimal point missing?

4. When you touch the file name in Home "Current" it displays more characters. This has been improved over the past releases, but it is still not long enough. It needs a few more characters and there is plenty of space left on the screen. It just needs 3 more characters, yet those characters are replaced by dots. This is bothersome especially because the field is longer when the same screen is displayed from IdeaMaker.

5. When you touch the time-remaining in Home "Time Est." it displays the estimated completion time as "Completed at ...". It should say "Will complete ..." or "Est. completion ...". Bad English.

5b. Regarding the above, #5, issue, this display does not work on IdeaMaker. IdeaMaker should have the same functionality as the Touchscreen, but it does not display at all regardless of where it is clicked.
completed at.JPG
This is a past tense. It has not occurred yet, so it should be in future tense.
name OK in IdeaMaker.JPG
File name is properly displayed when connected from IdeaMaker
name cutoff in panel.JPG
On touchsreen the last 3 characters are cut-off
cpu temp.JPG
CPU temperature seems to be missing a decimal point

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Re: Touchscreen Firmware 1.0.0 issues

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:47 am

Thanks for your suggestions! Will passing to software team to follow up.
We will consider to add decimal point for CPU temperature too.

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