Dual extruder printing questions

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Dual extruder printing questions

Postby tja » Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:07 pm

I've had my N1 dual extruder for a couple of years, but have never needed to do any serious dual ex printing. Until this week, when I needed to print some small objects in 2 colours. The outcome was pretty good but I have a couple of questions...

1/ Can we have an improved prime/nozzle clean sequence before a dual ex print starts? In single ex mode, every print starts with a fairly elaborate extruder priming/cleaning sequence. In dual ex mode it does nothing on the left ex and a couple of seconds on the right ex.

I have a hunch that it doesn't do a full prime on both because that would promote excessive oozing. So don't do it at all! The couple of seconds on the right ex (with no retraction btw) just ensures that there will be some oozing from the right ex while the left one is printing the skirt(s). Assuming that you've checked the wipe tower option, the right ex will prime/clean up just fine before it's turn. The left ex doesn't need to be primed either as it will prime/clean up when it prints the skirt(s).

2/ Why do the wipe walls break mid-print when you print multiple copies at the same time? I was printing 5 up parts and 4 of them had broken wipe walls (contour mode) at the end of a 3 hour run. One wipe wall had broken away and was following the printhead around the table. The parts were largely okay, but required some clean up. I didn't see this problem when I printed them as one-offs.

I was printing small model traffic cones that were 30mm square at the base. I laid them out on the bed in a staggered line from front to back to avoid any unnecessary crossover of extruders. My z axis alignment of the left and right extruders is pretty much perfect. I

3/ This question is not limited to dual ex prints - Why does it print a skirt around every item on the print bed? The only purpose I can see for a skirt is to prime the extruder. In my experience this will be achieved on the first skirt, in all cases. When you print multiple copies of parts at once, it seems to treat them as one large group. This is the only explanation that explains why my wipe tower ended up some way from the last item (about 30mm) when it had the default 2mm offset. If it is treating the items as a large group, then why not print the skirt around the perimeter of the group?

4/ Does anybody have any pearls of wisdom for dual ex printing they can share?

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