How to change your root password by Vernon Barry

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How to change your root password by Vernon Barry

Postby John@Raise3D » Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:46 am

Originally posted by Vernon Barry
Connect the printer to your network (wired or wireless).
Use the ideamaker to show you the IP address of the printer when you click the connect button.
Use a terminal such as Putty
Simply enter the IP address and use SSH protocol
It will connect and prompt like so:
login as:
you type root and hit enter
There is no password by default- hence why we need to fix that!!
now you should see this
type passwd (notice the spelling!!!!)
This then promts for a new password
Type your new password
it asks to confirm so type it again
Same as seen here…/-the-Root-Password-in-Linux
100% validated I can still upload using Ideamaker, still print, still connect.

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