S3D X Offset set to -25

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S3D X Offset set to -25

Postby bolsoncerrado » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:16 pm


I set up the S3D profile for the Pro2 today and I notice it has an OFFSET of -25 on the X.

Is there a specific reason for this?


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Re: S3D X Offset set to -25

Postby Jetguy » Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:01 pm

This is extremely important to understand that changes are happening and not well documented and some of you fellow users appear to have missed them regarding new features added by Raise Touch updates.

First, let's understand the old system. The old system is because the printer did not store or save any offsets (homing or toolhead) and so the slicer has to offset the secondary (right) nozzle coordinates in gcode to make the right nozzle line up with the left nozzle prints.

The nozzles are spaced 25mm in X and the primary nozzle is the left and the secondary is the right.
That means that say you specify an absolute coordinate of X100 (assuming first you were homed) for the left nozzle, it's just 100 with no offset.
If you want the right nozzle over the exact same coordinate, it's already +25mm, so the answer is the -25mm gcode offset for a coordinate to match aright nozzle to left nozzle is (so if left was X100, right nozzle is 100-25=X75). This is how Simplify 3D did it.
However, note, that preview of simplify 3D gcode that is sliced with an offset visualizes the offset. The parts will intentionally look shifted because they actually are shifted in the gcode.
Ideamaker in the old mode also uses an offset, but they built the printer, they know it's spaced 25mm positive, and so rather than using a negative display value for the variable, they use the positive value and the math used to offset the gcode subtracts it.

The New System
However, you should #1 update to the latest Raise touch update, and #2 read about the firmware based gcode offset feature added in the latest updates. Why change the way we do things? Well for one, since the offset is in the hardware at the printer and specific to that printer, the right place to store an offset is at the printer in firmware. Why? because if you have more than one printer, or more than one slicing software and you do not use printer stored gcode offsets, then you will then have to ensure that any tuned offset you manually go to every profile in every slicer you use and update the offset. The whole idea here is that now we finally have what other printer brands have had all along- firmware based offsets so that the gcode is "printer agnostic" or put another way, the gcode coordinates and preview matches the screen at slicing so there is no conflict and all is correct in the world.

However, the downside is, Raise 3D has not made a tutorial on all this detail and how you as a user should implement the new feature and set and tune the offset. Sadly, I'd make one for you right now, but my printer is configured for single extruder so testing and making a tutorial, I have to switch it back. What I am saying, this is exactly how I would do it, I just do not have print test results and examples to show you.

As a high level basic guide, here is how I would handle the situation:
I would take my current custom tuned offset value from Ideamaker profile and insert that into the new feature for firmware toolhead offset (of course again, like above, only possible if running the latest). Then running raisetouch version 0.9.11, you touch the gear icon in the upper right to get to the "Setting" page. At the bottom of that list under "Machine" tab is "More Settings". Now the new page "More Settings" opens and on that screen you choose the menu item "Hardware". New page "Hardware" opens and at the bottom is the item "Extruders".
Extruders page, "Enable Extruder Offset", then "Right Extruder Offset X", then Right Extruder Offset Y". I would insert the tuned custom values you have in your tuned ideamaker profile, it appears to use the same "subtract" method as ideamaker. I did attempt put a negative number in and you hit the back or delete button to get it to 0, then one more click of the delete shows a negative sign.


Last, ensure you go back to all slicers and remove gcode toolhead offsets and return them to 0mm
Ideamaker Set firmware offsets to 0.jpg
Ideamaker Firmware toolhead offset.jpg

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Re: S3D X Offset set to -25

Postby JamesW » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:55 am

Wow. Thanks for all the detail in that explaination.

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