Please add these features to the next version of ideamaker!

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Please add these features to the next version of ideamaker!

Postby colbylippincott » Fri Sep 02, 2022 9:19 pm

Hello! I am a mechanical engineer, and I do a lot of 3d printing using ideamaker. I have around 10 years of experience with 3d printing. Just so you know I'm not coming up with features that are useless or impossible to create :). Here are some features I think would be very helpful to have in future versions, and shouldn't be too difficult to add:

1. Make modifier objects move with the object itself. If I have to shift things around I don't want to have to select all the modifiers every time.
2. When a modifier adds more shells, it gets rid of the ironing on the top surface. If you can extend the ironing over the modified surface that would be helpful.
3. When you are adding supports, and it doesn't connect to an object, it doesn't let you place it. I think a better approach would be to make it a fixed thickness (like 2mm). That way you can add a brim/tabs around the edges of supports and objects manually. This will help bed adhesion and let you get leverage when you are prying supports off. I have done this using modifiers, but it is a lot slower.
4. Combine support layers. Similar to combining infill layers. It would make things having fine details print much quicker if it doesn't need to print them in such thin layers.
5. Z hop on top surfaces only. Not sure why the only option is bottommost and topmost surfaces when I don't really care about the bottom. I only care about the nozzle making a line in the top surface.
6. Overhang shell deceleration. The ability to slow overhangs down a bunch is super helpful. You can practically print in mid air if you slow it down enough (like 1mm/s) and have enough cooling. The thing that kills it is not slowing down soon enough so that by the time you reach the overhang, the pressure has reduced enough in the nozzle to not drool everywhere. You can see the drooping in the corners on one side (where the nozzle came off the ledge), and not on the other side (where the nozzle went back onto the ledge). I could change the acceleration to be super slow for the whole print, but that makes it take forever.
7. Linear advance support. Right now I just add it in gcode, but it could definitely be in the advanced settings, or set per material. In addition, it is a bit more difficult to change it back and forth for extruder 1 and 2. This is what I have in my switch gcode:

[if {new_extruder}=0] M900 K0.10 ;optimal K factor for Overture white high speed tpu at 230C

[if {new_extruder}=1] M900 K0.12 ;optimal K factor for PETG at 250C

So basically just integrating this into the software instead.

8. Changing first layer acceleration. There are settings for every other type but this one, and I think this is the most important. Reducing the acceleration on the first layer reduces the chance of the layer peeling up.
9. The threshold for printing top layers. I have had prints where the wall slopes in at only 30 degrees or so and it puts top layers under them anyways, wasting a bunch of filament. If we can set the threshold for when it actually prints top layers that would be great. Or just tune it down by default. Basically the only time it would need top layers is if the angle is steep enough so there is a gap between perimeters.
10. I've mentioned this before in another post, but placing the seam on the sharpest reflex corner instead of just any reflex corner would be really helpful. Sometimes I purposely design corners to hide seams in, and it just doesn't want to put the seam there.
11. Adaptive infill is pretty confusing, and often doesn't do what you set it to do. It often doesn't set the starting infill low enough, or doesn't get dense enough at the top. A graphical menu would be really nice
12. A tool from your end to measure how often people change certain settings. A have a feeling a lot of them never get used. You could do something similar to prusaslicer where you have simple, intermediate, and advanced settings. Then you can hide all the rarely used features in advanced. A lot of the time when I am trying to show someone ideamaker, they are overwhelmed by the advanced features and how many options there are, and it would be nice to have a pared down version of it.
13. Changing cooling fan speeds for each extruder. Sometimes you have 1 material that likes cooling, and the other doesn't. Of course you can handle this in gcode but then it gets messed up any time you automatically increase the speed for something like a bridge.
14. A checkbox to override a printer's max jerk and acceleration. Right now I have to go into gcode and change the maximums:
M201 X3000 Y3000 Z500 E3000 ;set max accel
15. Move adaptive layer height and monotonic fill into the regular settings page. It's strange that it's only in the group settings.
16. The way ideamaker handles group and layer settings is a bit odd. When I add a part it immediately gets added to group 2 instead of group 1. It would be nice to have everything get added to group 1, and then have all the other possible groups on the left. And then you can drag each part into other groups as needed. Also, if you delete a group with a part in it, just have it go back to group 1 by default instead of having to move everything back manually. Group and layer settings should probably also be linked to the templates instead of separate from them. If I want to use a different setting I don't want to go in and delete the groups or shift everything around every time.

I might think of more later haha.

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Re: Please add these features to the next version of ideamaker!

Postby Patronus » Wed Sep 07, 2022 12:06 pm

Very useful for me would be suggestions 5 and 9 and 10 above

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Re: Please add these features to the next version of ideamaker!

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Thu Sep 08, 2022 4:15 pm

Thanks for you suggestions!
We have all the requests recorded in developing list.

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Re: Please add these features to the next version of ideamaker!

Postby DeX » Sun Sep 18, 2022 8:55 pm

and another thing about _1st layer_ settings: I usually set supports flow at 85%. but then go to per layer options and set 100% from 0 to 1mm for better adhesion... you know what I'm saying? :)

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