Seriously unimpressed lately

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Seriously unimpressed lately

Postby mike105105 » Mon Mar 13, 2023 2:14 pm

What is going on with the software. Does the firmware team not talk to the slicer team? I started a print Friday before I left work, only to come in on Monday to find the print failed probably 20 minutes after I left. The failure wasn't do to adhesion or anything like that, it was because THE FILE SLICED WITH IDEA MAKER WAS GOING TO CAUSE THE X AXIS TO CRASH. Seriously what the hell guys. It was bad enough that when I was slicing the file and did an auto arrange, the software put parts over into the area that was off limits. That was at least caught when I sliced and it threw an error. But then when I manually moved the parts off that area and the slicer was fine with it, the printer complained, but only after the print was under way and I wasn't here.

Get this stuff under control, If you are going to have the slicer tell us the parts aren't in the right area, at least get it right.

Oh and as a safety concern, it wasn't great that after throwing that error and stopping the print, THE PRINTER SAT THERE ALL WEEKEND WITHOUT SHUTTING OFF THE BED OR HOTEND!!! In an error case turn off the hot stuff, common sense.

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