Left & Right Filament Flowrate Override isn't

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Left & Right Filament Flowrate Override isn't

Postby twiget » Wed Mar 01, 2023 5:24 pm

I'm trying to calibrate the filament flow through each extruder, so I printed the standard single wall hollow cube on both extruders (in duplication mode) and measured the wall thicknesses. Both cubes measured 0.44mm all the way around, so I crunched some numbers and I updated the Left and Right Filament Flowrate override settings in the Advanced tab of Ideamaker and printed the cubes again with the new settings. Again I got 0.44mm wall thickness. Layer height is 0.2mm and shells is 1.0 and infill is at 0%.

All the various flow rates are set at 100% and according to the tool tip, this override should control all the those flowrates in Ideamaker. How do I adjust the flow rates? I need to print some print in place objects and this over extrusion is gluing the moving parts together.

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Re: Left & Right Filament Flowrate Override isn't

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Mon Mar 27, 2023 10:01 pm

Can you share the version of ideaMaker you are using and screenshots of before and after the values modified and not updated with us?

Thank you!

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