Raise3d E2 vs Ultimaker S3

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Raise3d E2 vs Ultimaker S3

Postby Belezeebub » Sun Oct 18, 2020 6:39 pm

I need an additional printer thinking of S3 or E2
I purchased a Craftbot 3 for the idex function as I have to print a large number of Identical parts for one of my big clients (don’t even get me started on that POS) that didn’t work out it is going back once I can borrow a truck to haul it down to UPS it won’t fit in my car and the RMA was not configured for pick up but I digress.
I need something to print meshing surfaces with tight tolerances, interlocking/moving and the option for PVA supports,
I can’t post designs do to NDA but I can post items with similar interlocking, meshing and tolerances.

I need a workhorse that will run out of the box and keep running till Feb/March to get this job out.

My Taz 6 printed this out of the box with no issues on a .5 Nozzle

My S5 was never able to print this design so I gave up after three tries I needed my S5 back in my farm, making me cash

S5 failed twice on this even with the .25 again out of the box but very little interaction from me I needed it on the farm so two shots and I was done futzing with it and in around 60 rolls of PLA it has only made a mistake twice both were my fault I didn't clean the bed well enough

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Re: Raise3d E2 vs Ultimaker S3

Postby Raise3D_User1 » Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:23 am

What material are you wanting to use. E2 SUCKS for ABS in my experience and still needs a LOT more profiles to even match "cheap" printers like PRUSA MK3S that comes with much better support out of the box. PETG and PLA are fine. I gave up on .2 nozzles because there was no auto calibration for them early this year, but there IS now, so I may give that another go. Basically I've been using stock .4 nozzles on the E2 and .25 on my other PRUSA printers. Duplication mode, filtration, and temperature enclosure maintaining are all great for PETG.

I just wish E2 had better support and more well-rounded features. It has so many things going for it, but the support is dire. Firmware updates happen at a snail's pace.

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