Hotend tearing up buildplate

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Hotend tearing up buildplate

Postby ArtistMonkey » Sat Aug 29, 2020 4:36 am

I made 5 >10hour prints and am really happy with the outcome. I revised my design and set up to print a new round of 5 prints to test my new design. This print of piece 1 was fine for about 5 hours. I went to sleep 4 hours after I started printing and woke up in the morning to what appeared to be a huge shift in the y=axis(picture included). I was able to print about 1.25 inches of material(picture included) before this shift. I restarted my print and the hotend started tearing up the buildplate instead of laying my raft. I have tried leveling the bed (my flatness is 0.12). I tried setting the z offset using the feeler gauge(4 separate times). When I set the nozzle to the correct height using this provided tool and continue with the steps it tears into the buildplate.

When I first received my printer and started printing I watched the filament extrude so I eye balled the z-height and started my off set calibration again. This time things started off well the filament was extruding, the hot end wasn't tearing into the build plate. Then as the printer attempted to print the 6th line of "pick the line that is completely twisted" step it was tearing up the build plate. I stopped the calibration, the picture included shows minimal grey pla filament, and many "light grey" scratches of the described turn of events above.

Any advice? What do I need to tighten to make sure over time this z-height isn't decreasing, as that is what it appears to be doing, slowly falling into the build plate, preventing filament from extruding and destroying my print surface.

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Re: Hotend tearing up buildplate

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:43 am

It's likely your machine may need a new Z probe. Please open a support ticket at to reach to our technicians to help diagnose.

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