Cold-end Clogs

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Cold-end Clogs

Postby Engineer87 » Thu Aug 27, 2020 12:23 am

Hi team,
First post here, but experienced 3D printer and own 2x Pro2 models already (modified with watercooling)
I've had the E2 for about 3 wks. To start, I've used only 3Dxtech PLA, but intend to use the machine for glass filled nylons eventually one I get the hang of the unit and make the necessary hotend changes.

Problem: It have been successful with prints <1 hr, but start to get cold end clogs for longer prints. I've calibrated the flow for each extruder, and have had this problem running the print with either the enclosure open or shut. I run in duplication mode and both extruders get the clog. I'm running a 60C bed and 208C extruders.

Hypothesis: This unit suffers from inadequate cooling like the pro2. I could probably find settings to make it work (lower bed temp, and hotend), but it looks like air from the cooling fan has almost nowhere to go.

Raise3D did a nice job on the extruder, and tried to make hte cooling better on the E2, but its still not adequate. I bought the E2 cause I didn't need a tinkering project, I need it to work. this isn't shaping up to be that way. Vicky, do you have any suggestions?

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Re: Cold-end Clogs

Postby ccclarke » Fri Aug 28, 2020 11:06 am

Unfortunately, all PLA is not created equal.

3DXTECH PLA is not on the approved Raise3D Open Filament Program list, (for any of their printer models) so it isn't surprising you're having problems with it.

Been there, done that:

Someone who didn't know any better ordered several spools of it at work and it consistently clogged both our N2Plus and Pro2Plus printers.

For PLA, we stick with Raise3D filament and have no issues with clogging.

Later, an in-house job required the capability to print ESD parts so we ordered a couple of ESD filament spools from 3DXTECH since it isn't a commonly marketed type of filament. I spent over a week tweaking the ideaMaker template for it until the results were satisfactory. We don't have that kind of time to devote to creating a working template for their PLA since Raise3D PLA works without any extra effort.

For us, it's cheaper and less time-consuming to let Raise3D qualify the many types of filament available, since we're in the production business, --not the filament qualification business. The 3DXTECH ESD filament was the sole exception since it was a requirement and we had no other alternative except to contract the job out, which is not cheap.

We consistently successfully print (>50 hours per part) using stock printers and Raise3D-approved PLA. For the past four weeks, I've been printing a large batch of parts 24/7 on the Pro2Plus after an outside vendor quoted us a $25,000 price. We've spent a small fraction of that amount for filament and labor to remove the prints and restart the next batch each day and have had zero issues.

Your mileage may vary.

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Re: Cold-end Clogs

Postby Engineer87 » Sat Aug 29, 2020 8:39 pm

Thanks, ccclarke. Having come from the world of building everything and having to figure out how to run it myself, I did not even look for this or know that RAISE3D had this program. I want to use the printer for filled nylons eventually, and those would be 3dxtech. I guess I was just trying to stick to the same brand.
This OFP looks like a great program. I hope the E2 gets as many profiles as the pro2 does now.

This said, if the hotend iwas designed well enough, these cold end clogs would not be an issue for most filaments. I understand having to tweak temperature, flow, and retraction settings, etc for non supported filaments, but if the printing temp is below 300C, i would not expect such catastrophic failures as cold end clogs.

Ill use raise3d filaments for now for what they offer, however, has anyone here had success with 3dxtech filled filaments on the E2?

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Re: Cold-end Clogs

Postby Engineer87 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:01 am

Update: ive gotten the raise 3d pla and the polymaker tpu to work fine without much trouble. Ive tried the 3dxtech pla with low temperature bed and nozzle out of curiosity and it still got a cold end clog. Ill try the 3d xtech ASA in a bit as there is supposed to be a profile for that in the OFP.
I will need to print in filled filaments and cant wait till someone else solves my problem for me. Ill start designing a watercooling solution to eliminate the root cause of the clogging.
When I do, ill also convert it to use a standard v6 nozzle and improve the cooling fan design.

Here is what Im thinking, i would take any feedback into consideration:
Watercooled heatbreak
Slice engineeting r3d bimetal heat break
E3d hot block
New thermocouple to match?
Slice engineering vanadium nozzle

Ill start a new thread and share some concepts along the way for feedback.

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