Remove Y Belt

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Remove Y Belt

Postby Captain_Flan » Thu May 19, 2022 9:24 pm

Does anyone know if you can safely remove the Y Belt by unscrewing the front axle from the chassis? I have this clicking sound that occurs on the Y axis and I am trying to determine if it is the the stepper motor or the cable guide. If I can remove the belt, I can isolate them to give me a better idea where the clicking is coming from. Thanks.

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Re: Remove Y Belt

Postby ZombiePach » Sun May 22, 2022 12:38 am

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Re: Remove Y Belt

Postby Ryan@Raise3D » Tue May 24, 2022 1:03 am

The belt on the E2 for the Y axis is being held on to build plate sled and to access it the best way would be to remove the heated bed by using this guide ... -1042.html if it is a clicking sound it is very likely one of the bearings causing the issue as we have not had a reported issue with the motor at this time. I do reccomend that you create a support ticket at

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