Garolite LE on glass – apparently not a good idea

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Garolite LE on glass – apparently not a good idea

Postby zemlin » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:18 pm

I bought a 12x12x1/8" piece of Garolite LE, linen-based phenolic sheet, to use for printing Nylon. Since that sheet material is rarely flat I laminated it to glass with the same 3M 468MP adhesive I use for my PEI beds.

I ended up using an 80C bed temp, and when the print was finished I found the glass was cracked diagonally from corner to corner. Apparently the victim of differential thermal expansion and a good adhesive bond.

I guess I’ll be using aluminum for that too.

FWIW, at the day job I’ve been using PEI laminated to glass up to 105C for ABS and haven’t had any issue with that.

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