What buildplate is commonly used?

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Re: What buildplate is commonly used?

Postby maugseros » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:43 pm

My experience has been that the Buildtak worked great for about a year to maybe a year and a half based upon how much I print (heavy at times for a month or two, but then can have weeks where I print nothing at all) At that point larger prints the raft would start to peel up and lift off the bed while printing. I experimented with various bed temperatures, but the raft lifting off the plate continued to be a problem. Smaller prints still seems to stick fine, it was just a problem with larger prints. So it was time to replace the buildtak, but before I did I had flipped the build plate over and just covered the opposite side with green (Frog) printers tape. I would prefer not to use sprays/glues/slurries. The green tape worked so well, I've just been using it exclusively ever since. I've printed hundred of parts before the rafts started to loose adhesion to the tape, and in just a few minutes I could peel off the tape and have a new layer on and back in business. It's super easy, cheap and works great.

I primarily print with Hatchbox PLA but have also printed wood filament and metal filament and both those adhered well to the green painters tape. No glues/sprays or anything else necessary. With the Hatchbox PLA, I run the bed at 70C, which using a thermal gun I'm reading an actual bed temperature of about 60-63C.

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