New owner: First impressions

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New owner: First impressions

Postby Shane » Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:56 pm

Hi all,
I though it might be useful to give first impressions as a new owner: (N2+ single)

When you unpack the unit, and turn it on, it just exudes confidence that everything is going to be fine. Joel on youtube got some stick because he said it was going to be his best printer ever, even though he only had failed prints to show for it. but I see what he means, its a slick bit of kit. So good in fact, that while I'm getting up to speed on 3d printing, my wife is happy for it to be in our kitchen!

Am based in UK and it was a bit dissapointing to get a european plug not a UK plug on the lead. I had a UK one but I'm pretty sure its a legal requirement to sell products with a UK plug. No biggie for me but easily fixable by raise.

No instructions for using the filament guide, which I eventually put on after a week. No biggie.

Quick start guide was fine, but where is the N2+ manual? Does one exist?

I levelled the bed before first use as front to back it was out by .15mm. That was fustrating for an hour until I gave in and just loosened every screw, and started from a blank sheet. bed trammellig is kinda zen - when you are miles away its horrible and pointless, but you kindof cross a threshold and then you just zone in and the pleasure builds. In the end, I enjoyed it.

Wifi connectivity and sending stuff off to print is AWESOME. Touchscreen is great too. integration with the software is really slick. Going from thingiverse to ideamaker to print starting in a few minutes is special.

Keeping everything inside an enclosure turns it into a professional product.

Printing Raise PLA has been super. Used their default settings, stuff has come out great. I'll send some photos.

Kids don't watch TV any more. They are hypnotized by the printer!

Standard templates have worked fine for me out of the box.

Been struggling with PETG and extruder grinding filament. Started with the indicated temperature on the filament (230). Was not enough to melt the plastic at the required rate. Now using the PETG template (duh!) and looks fabulous. (245 now)

I have yet to produce a functional final piece but thats because I've been approaching the task methodoically. all the pieces are in place now: have demonstrated reliable printing, sticking to bed, no warping, part strength etc. Each piece I'll be making will take nearly 1kg of plastic so its gotta be reliable.

So far, overwhelmingly positive - it was a big investment and no buyers remorse. I'm looking forward to this machine working flat out in jan to pay back investment!
Well done raise


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Re: New owner: First impressions

Postby Casale8 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:21 pm

This is good to read. We are new to using this N2 (Dual for us) as well. I use it on a professional industrial level. We've been hit and miss, and some of that is with my tinkering with settings.

Shane wrote:Kids don't watch TV any more. They are hypnotized by the printer!

I should get one for my house as well, my champion would probably love it at 3. He wants to tinker with everything.
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Re: New owner: First impressions

Postby Michael.P@Raise3D » Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:08 pm

Hi Shane,

Thank you for your review of the printer, we are enthused to hear that you are so happy with the printer. We look forward to seeing what parts you are able to produce in January if you can post them.

Michael Petitclerc, Technician
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Re: New owner: First impressions

Postby Gowfster » Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:30 am

Today marked the arrival of my N2Plus!
Some of my observations from the setup:
- call a friend if you have to lift it at all, it’s not that it’s terribly heavy but awkward large and heavy so bad idea to lift it yourself
- instructions to set it up and start using it were, well, terrible
- for example, there is a printed block in the kit that clearly accepts the long feed tubes and mounts to the top of the extruded... but no mention of it at all in the manual! Obvious where it goes, but all the pictures do not show it. EXCEPT, I happened to look in the Chinese manual and voila, there is a step in that manual to install it! So what gives with that? Should I use it or not? And if I do use it, should I replace the short Bowden stubs that are already on the sidewall and push the long tubes in their place? How can the manual be so bad?
- the initial power on worked but some functions were flaky and most importantly the first attempt at a print couldn’t start because the hot end temp never went up... except the nozzle was hot, just the screen said it wasn’t heating up. Tried everything but no avail... did a reset through the touchscreen and all of a sudden the nozzle temps showed up and it allowed me to print.
- no guidance on setting the z table height in the startup guide. The limit switch was setup in my machine such that it zeroed out when the nozzle appeared to be imbedded into the “this side up” sticker on the bed plate. I adjusted it to what I thought it should be with the supplied feeler gauge at .2mm, just because there was a feeler gauge in the kit... not because I knew what it should be or the directions told me.
- the z limit switch turns way to easy imho. Looks like it is spring loaded but turns so easy that I fear it would turn during print just from vibration.. something to keep an eye on.
- back to the tubes... with the long feed tube in place and the block on top of the extruded, I put the top on, and got nervous that the tube was being put under to much stress... maybe not but looked like it was t right... what is the right answer?
- the USB drive I received with the kit had a corrupted software load on it, not a big deal but just have to go to web and download... except the claim that some test prints are on the usb... not true... the only thing on it was a half cube dimension test pattern.
- printed that cube... cam out okay. Raft came off super easy so I loved that. Surface finish was very good except a section on the top that had a big bump... I suspect some kind of extrusion excess in a layer near the top that created a bubble almost on the top layer. I will reprint to see if it reoccurs.
- can’t figure out if there is a way to monitor print progress with iPhone or iPad? I can from the laptop that has the slicer on it, but that’s in the room, so how do I monitor remotely?
-I also ordered a bunch of filaments.. all look good except Raise sent me orange when I ordered a white spool of one of the Max. Invoice is correct but they sent orange... maybe Orange isn’t the new Black after all... it’s the new white?
- I liked that two good rolls of filament came with the printer... I didn’t need to order as much had I realized this.
-unlike original poster, my unit came with a UK, a Europe and a US plug, so I suspect his box was shorted. Makes me wonder if I’m missing anything?
- generally the printer looks very good and I’m excited to dig into it and printing a backlog of parts and ideas... I think in the end it will be very good ... just a little frustrated with day one.
- 5 hour print underway over night... more to come!

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Re: New owner: First impressions

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Mon Dec 25, 2017 4:45 am

So sorry for the lack of instruction about the feeding tube, attached the link about how to install. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=840&p=8315#p8028
Normally we recommend not using it unless your filament is brittle will cause broken during printing.
If the nozzle temperature feedback problem happens again, please make contact with us. If case there has any hardware problem which may cause over heating.
By now, we only support remote control under the same network environment with ideaMaker.
For the mistake of filament, please shoot us a support ticket. Our support team will help follow up.
We are cutting the SKU of the finished products to reduce the SKU managing cost. So that you will see the EU and US plug both inside one machine.

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Re: New owner: First impressions

Postby Julia Truchsess » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:00 am

Shane wrote:Hi all,
So far, overwhelmingly positive - it was a big investment and no buyers remorse.

Two years in and I still feel the same way. Beautiful machine that almost always does what's expected of it.

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