Bed warp standard on all Raise products?

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Bed warp standard on all Raise products?

Postby Wasteoftime » Thu Feb 23, 2023 7:32 pm

We’ve been constantly having issues with our factory bed warping. There’s an air gap between the heated Bed (non removable part) and the removable print bed. Largest in the center, none on the sides as you would expect. This means we have to bed level every, single, day. Fortunately Raise was kind enough to come up with an easy DIY bed level system (sarcastic laugh). Shit takes hours out of every week…

Obviously there’s no dust in between. We’ve experienced this with the factory stick on sheets (we stopped using those) glass, Creality magnetic, and now we’re using Fulament, which we love the most.

We stopped reaching out directly to raise, because it seems like the flow chart they use to answer technical questions always winds up with them blaming the slicer software. Their slicer software.

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Re: Bed warp standard on all Raise products?

Postby Brian_H. » Tue Mar 28, 2023 8:15 am

I saw you're user name and it seemed pretty passive aggressive. Assumed if I looked at you're profile I would see that you just recently joined this forum and you're user name reflected a problem you've experienced with 3D printing. Sure enough. New user with one post and a sarcastic user name. If you don't like that printer I'll gladly take it for free and I'll pay for shipping. What's you're payment info. I'd be happy to have an enclosed Core XY like that. I'd figure if Raise wasn't able to offer a solution immediately perhaps they're busy (hopefully) Designing, Making and Testing better printers and software and that I could instead of (what you did) try to be cool and ask for help on the forum instead of instantly trashing the "community" and Raise Product. I had a Lemon of an AnyCubic printer and have basically exhausted all reasonable options with them and with other AnyCubic owners before binning the printer or company. Maybe try that approach next time?

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