Moving print area

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Moving print area

Postby Vagulus » Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:39 am

For a Pro2 the maximum available print area is 300x300 mm.
200624 Actual Print Size 300x300 360x480.jpg

I want to move this area away from the front - I think that is negative on the 'Y' axis - by a centimeter.
How do I do that?

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Re: Moving print area

Postby Jetguy » Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:19 pm

First, you are mistaken in the coordinate system
Raise 3D Pro2 and N2 use a corner zero coordinate system. Front left corner, where the printer parks and homes is X0 Y0.
Positive numbers climb as the nozzle moves back and right.
You want to add 10mm not subtract

So, assuming the printer had the physical movement room and the firmware supported it, you would ADD 10mm offset in the build area in the slicer.
Caution, I'm betting this might be an issue- remember that above assumption (the firmware and the physical room to move the nozzle now 310mm with a margin of safety room) and lest we forget, any raft or skirt further detracts of the build space. ... rea#p46904
So everything I know about the HARDWARE and FIRMWARE says 10mm is likely to be an issue. I could be wrong, so prove to YOURSELF this is even possible before changing any setting

So, having warned you, the first step is MEASURE and validate the printer physically and firmware will support the change.
Using the Utilities control panel, you home XY first thus moving it to X0 and Y0.
Click Home.jpg

Then you ensure you set the jog mode to 10mm increments.
Command 1mm movement.jpg

Then you command 30 times a total of 300mm of movement
Command 300mmY.jpg

Carefully look above the printer at the extruder head compared to the space now at the back of the printer from above on the rods. Also be sure to see if anything else (fans, servo, wiring, brackets, whatever) has clearance to move a further estimated 10mm you are requesting.
Now, while you are sitting at 300mm Y position, switch to 1mm increment for jogging.
Select 10mm move steps.jpg

Now, one at a time, watching, listening and observing, command +1mm moves in Y and ensure that for each mm commanded, the head actually moves and that there is no thumping or skipping of steps. Just because the screen increments and shows a distance greater than 300mm does NOT mean the printer motion control firmware or hardware allowed the move. All that values indicates is what COMMANDS you sent, not that they got executed. Highly likely you might hit a 305mm limit and commanding beyond 305mm will not result in movement beyond 305mm.

Note, both physically and firmware wise, the N 2 series frame limited to 305mm and had NO extra room, so everything I know says you are SOL (Sorry, Out, of, Luck) on most of your request without removing the bed from the Z stage frame, drilling new mounting holes 10mm forward, and remounting the heated bed in the NEW position hoping it doesn't now hit the door.
So no, because I do not own a Pro2, I cannot say you cannot offset in software, but I can say, I know more about the hardware and firmware than most and this is HIGHLY likely impossible for even someone advanced (expert level of experience and knowledge) to perform (because there are both Hardware and Firmware) limits, and if they can't do it, well average Jane and Joe user are SOL.
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Re: Moving print area

Postby Jetguy » Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:37 pm

And I'm just going to say it after reviewing that previous Pro2 topic thread ... rea#p46904
NO, you cannot move 10mm back on 300mm, aka 310mm.
At BEST, you might get 5mm and that's touchy, more like 4.8mm as a safety margin.

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Re: Moving print area

Postby zemlin » Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:18 am

On my N2 & N2+, I wanted to get the clips out of the build area. I moved the heated bed 12mm forward (toward the door), and also moved the Y endstop switch by 12mm toward the door. With that I was able to get 300x300 of clear build area, and also was able to add some attachment clips to 12x12 squares of thicker bed materials and use the full area for the build. I didn't move the build area though - I just moved the build plate relative to the existing build volume.

I don't know what's different with a Pro and if this would work on your machine - with their different bed attachment there might not be any benefit.

I don't have the modified end-stop switch mount in there, but I could post it if you're interested.

this is going the opposite direction from what you're asking about, so don't know if this all matters at all to you.

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