Are dissolvable supports working and worth it in 2020?

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Are dissolvable supports working and worth it in 2020?

Postby EL Cuajinais » Wed Apr 08, 2020 5:19 am

Hello. I have a Single Extruder N2 with a Bondtech extruder that has served me well. I use it for a few months, then it does not get used for many more months. But I've been printing intermittently with it for 4 years now. I like how Ideamaker has developed in that time. I come in and out of the 3D printing scene and have seen many changes. Now I see that the E2 is out and has two independent heads, which sounds pretty good in theory but I have seen zero user reviews. A have a few questions:

1. Is dissolvable support worth it? I've not seen enough on it to convince me that it is worth it. I would LOVE to have perfect finishes on my supported prints. But I get the impression people don't use dissolvable support much, so I figure it must not be worth it. How does the finish compare to dense support layers?

2. Anyone here use the Mosaic Palette 2s? Is THAT worth it for dissolvable support? I see that wastes a lot of material in a transition tower but then even the E2 I think has a drip wall of sorts.

3. I assume there is no trade in program for me to get the E2, so does anyone have an idea how much an single extruder with Bondtech N2 would fetch? Mine is extremely reliable due to the Bondtech. I also have many spare parts including build plate, one of the boards, nozzles, etc.

4. Anything notable happened on the materials front in the past year? I see now there is a company for metal with FDM printers but the spools are super expensive.


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