N2 Plus: First time usage

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N2 Plus: First time usage

Postby dhei » Sun May 28, 2017 9:36 am

I am a newbie (N2 Plus) and checked the forum for answers in vain. (BTW it would be a time safer to search on all and not only on one specific forum topic).
Status of the setup: Procedure as indicated in the booklet (online Quick Start Guide), power on, WLAN, filament loaded ;-) ... plus all updates done: Fw 1.1.1, Raise Touch v 0.9

- the battery does not load more than 1-2 mm in the load indicator. It is on for 4 hours now - is this normal? (I stumbled into the flickering display - I leave it on)
- closing the filament door does not work smooth. Do you offer a replace of the right plastic door frame? A metal frame would help and would allow to use magnetic shutters.
- Icon on display "motors have been disabled" - I looked up the reason (for moving around the rods/electricity), this is wise ;-) but where can the motors be enabled? Or can this information be neglected?
- the booklet does miss the page# information ;-(
- Booklet page "start first print", step 3 - where can the TYPE of material be choosen/defined? Will this information be taken over when sending a print job from the ideamaker application?
- Booklet page "start first print", step 4, I inserted the USB stick in the port - PRINT - USB STORAGE - folder "USB-1" 1 / 1 - I click/touch on the folder and it appears a folder "System Volume I..." 1 / 1 - I click/touch it - black screen ???
I checked the stick, the software OS files are there and also a 20mm_Calibration_Box.stl file
The stick has been inserted in each USB port with the same result, always showing up with USB-1 etc. (Does it adapt the naming e.g. using port 3 naming USB-3?)

Checking/comparing "Latest improvements"
- V2's are there, insulation board ok,
- but no touchscreen reset button, no filament guide tube <== can it be ordered?
- "...Further more, we add medium strength Loctite to hold most screws on X/Y gantry..." - Looks as if I had to check some screws? Where to start? Do you have a guide?

Not found/understanding
- It is a big huge printer. Therefore I place it near a wall. Why do I have to move the printer around to turn it on and off? Why is the switch (emergency switch not reachable when standing in front of the printer?
- Software feature "shut down"

Wish list:
- "latest improvements" ordering...
- auto leveling
- camera (?kickstarter waggle?)
- auto cleaning nozzle - before starting a job driving the heated nozzle over a brush 5-10 times

Thank you for writing between my lines in advance - dhei
PS - pls do not get me wrong - THIS IS A GREAT MACHINE

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Re: N2 Plus: First time usage

Postby Jetguy » Sun May 28, 2017 11:50 am

The motors disabled is a command not a status. The motors are enabled whenever commanded to move. They stay enabled after a move, and hence why there might be a time when you would want to unlock the motors to manually move an axis rather than jogging it via button presses.

Battery- it takes 12 or more hours to charge. Leave it on, it will hurt nothing, let the machine for at least 12-24 hours until charged.

There is no software shutdown feature, it's not wired that way.

Printer ONLY prints gcode. STL is the format you open in ideamaker to create a gcode printable file.

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Re: N2 Plus: First time usage

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Mon May 29, 2017 12:41 pm

Thanks for supporting us!

Before inserting USB sticker onto your machine, you need to complete one slicing first. You can set filament there.
The machine will only show gcode file on the screen.

If your printer can move smoothly, there is no need to check any screw.

For the ordering, please shoot a mail to sales@raise3d.com for more details/

Camera developing is on going.

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Re: N2 Plus: First time usage

Postby resteele » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:23 am

Received brand new N2 Plus today, ready to test. Quick start guide says run pre sliced files included on the usb stick that came with the printer. There are no such files on my stick, only files to install ideaMaker on my computer and a calibration box stl file.

I don't want to test my ability to create gcode files for this printer. I want to test the printer with a known good gcode file set up for this printer. Where can I get it? (it should be on the included usb stick but it is not.

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Re: N2 Plus: First time usage

Postby Brandon » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:57 pm


Shoot us a ticket in the support system and we can get you a sliced file.


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