Raise3d Pro 2 vs UM3/5S vs Taz Pro

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Raise3d Pro 2 vs UM3/5S vs Taz Pro

Postby Belezeebub » Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:21 am

I have posted this on similar forums I am only looking for first hand reviews please.
I don’t consider myself an expert but I currently have four printers, I have owned seven and I am adding a fifth next month.
Features I want
Dual extruders, Repeatability, reliability, and high tolerances.
I print PLA 70%, PETG 20% and ABS+ others 5%
While I do have commercial contracts to design and print items, I don’t do it for profit it just keeps me in filament.
I love my Taz 6 I have every tool head they make, and I will shout from the mountain tops that the only fails I have had with it where my fault. (why don’t I use this one you might ask because the second nozzle drags and dribbles and IMHO a .05 is just too big a nozzle for my moving parts, plus screen season is coming up and my Taz will be printing 24x7 to get out orders at 40 pairs per build plate)
I hated my MK3 IMHO to call it merely garbage was an insult to garbage I returned it (and no it was not a kit)
What do I want in the next printer? Open box, cut zip ties load filament and hit Go. I already have three printers to tinker with I don’t need another one.
60% of my prints have motion or moving parts hence my request for high Tolerance.
I have my options narrowed down to a Taz pro, Um3 or UM s5 or a Raise3d Pro2
I don’t mind the upfront cost I due care about the in many cases the triple the filament cost.
For instance, when my customer calls for 1000 of thing:2963356 I know it will cost me X I will charge him Y and the profit will buy me four rolls of hatch box to play with.

I am about to start printing color Lithopanes using some photoshop/gimp tricks and CMYK PLA the .06 will be great for that
Taz and R3d P2 all have lifting nozzle, the UM3/ UM S5 have dual.
So, if you won 5k in the lottery which printer would you get?

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