Powder 'film' left on glass bed after printing

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Powder 'film' left on glass bed after printing

Postby tja » Tue May 21, 2019 10:37 am

After printing, I am left with a very fine dust 'film' on the glass around the item I just printed. It wipes off reasonably easily with kithchen paper, but it does limit the bed adhesion I get when Sequential Printing a number of parts. Does anybody know what this dust film is and how I can minimise or eliminate it?

I'm printing with Real Filaments Black PETG directly onto very clean borosilicate glass sheet, at 250C/80C, lid open. The glass gets a wipe with a clean, damp cloth before every print. After the print is finished I am left with clean glass under the part, but a dust film on the glass around it.

The printer is sited in a large, clean cupboard in my house. If I leave the printer with the lid open for a few days without printing I barely get a speck of dust on the glass.

Before printing (the glass has BuildTak on the underside, hence the mottled effect)
1 Before Printing.JPG

Ater printing
2 After Printing.JPG

After a wipe with a piece of kitchen paper
3 After a finger wipe.JPG

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