Raise3D Red Premium PLA strings like spider webs

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Raise3D Red Premium PLA strings like spider webs

Postby phildon » Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:29 pm


today i've tried to print with the Original Raise3D Red Premium PLA that was packed with the Printer.

So far the print looks good, but i've noticed a big amount of very very fine "white" strings that move in the airflow, it looks similar to spider webs.

It seems that this only happens while printing the Solid infill.

Is this a Material Fail or is it possible that the Filament is too old?

I'm using the Original Raise3D PLA Profile from IdeaMaker with a Temp of 205°C.

Check the Picture below, i hope u can see what i mean.

Any ideas?

Greets PhilDon

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Re: Raise3D Red Premium PLA strings like spider webs

Postby crimsonyoshi » Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:41 pm

Truthfully, I've been getting those ever since Ideamaker was updated to 3.3.0 along with my Pro2 firmware, but that only happens on Z-hop enabled prints I do.

What's happening there is there's just a bit of gravity extruded amount of plastic while the printer is not actively extruding, and travelling from one section of the print to another. In theory a slightly lower nozzle temperature should fix that, but with my latest lineup of prints, those don't matter much to the current jobs, so I haven't had the chance to play around with nozzle temp yet.

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