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Can't print with Hatchbox ABS

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:12 pm
by Timber Haint
I printed with Hatchbox ABS a few days ago and I was able to print fine. However, as of this morning I can't print at all with Hatchbox ABS.

I've did as much research of the forums as I can, but nothing seems to help.

I haven't changed anything in the settings from the print a few days ago.

I don't believe the extruder is clogged because it will load (push fillament through) fine. Also, the initial output of fillament before the print starts also works fine.

Sometimes it will print a little bit and sometimes not at all. PLA still works fine.

I get the infamous clicking....

Extruder: Bondtech
Extruder Setting: Default [Raise3d] ABS 1.75mm - V2 Hot End
Template: Standard - N2 Plus - ABS
Filament: Hatchbox ABS 1.75mm - black
Bed Temp: 100 C
Extruder Temp: 240

Re: Can't print with Hatchbox ABS

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:23 pm
by crimsonyoshi
So one of two things come to mind. You either have a slight temperature problem or you have a slight friction problem. When I used Hatchbox PLA (in lieu of the Raise3D brand premium stuff), I had to set my temperature on the lower end of the suggested Hatchbox range. What I found happening was the material was starting to expand a bit too early before it fully got into the hot end. Basically right where the heat sink for the nozzle is, that's where it started expanding. When that happened, it filled up the chamber causing more force in friction than the feeder gear could push through. Either that or your temperature is too low and you have the other problem where the material is juuuust barely there for melting it properly. Either way this will not necessairly clog your nozzle.

If it's too hot and expansion is happening too soon, then on unload you should hear clicking or have a hard time manually unloading the filament. If it's too cold, it should be easy to unload. You're typically safe to adjust your temperature by 5 degrees off of what you're doing now to see if anything changes. It's possible your thermocouple isn't giving a completely accurate temperature reading either, but that's lower on the possibility list. The last thing I'd suggest is maybe tightening or loosening your feeder screw, as a tighter grip will allow for more pushing or pulling force, but you don't want it too tight either.

If the above suggestions don't work, open up a ticket with Raise3D support. They're pretty helpful with stuff like this!

Re: Can't print with Hatchbox ABS

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:17 pm
by zemlin
How's your bed clearance with the bed and nozzle at temp? Wondering if your nozzle is dragging on the bed and just closing off the flow. PLA runs a lower bed and nozzle temp so it's going to have a little more clearance with the same machine settings.
You might also check your extruder spring tension. I generally run the screw all the way in and then back out two turns when running rigid filament. FWIW, I have found Hatchbox ABS to build a stronger part at 270C, but I doubt that's the root cause of your issue here. I've printed a lot of Hatchbox ABS and it's always been a good material for me. Warps more than eSun ABS+, but better than most ABS materials, and I love the surface finish of the parts.

Re: Can't print with Hatchbox ABS

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:08 pm
by Timber Haint
Thanks for both of your responses. I'll look into both of your suggestions this evening and get back with results.

Re: Can't print with Hatchbox ABS

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:19 pm
by Timber Haint
After watching another print closely it appeared that the nozzle was EXTREMELY close to the print bed. As stated by zemlin, I believe it was so close it wasn't allowing the proper flow of filament. So I changed the first layer settings from 0.300 mm to 0.400 mm as shown in the image and it seems to print great now. I'll keep printing and get back with the results in case anyone else runs into this issue.