to buy the Raise3d Pro2?

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to buy the Raise3d Pro2?

Postby jsr » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:26 am

Hi all,

I have been struggeling with the following:

Would like to expand my business with a Raise3d Pro2. Currently I own and operate 2x Prusa i3 MK3, MMU 2.0 and the Palette Pro 2.

To compare the Raise3d Pro2 with the Prusa MK3 I am missing the following functionalities:

- Adjustable z-hight during print (pla and PETG needs different settings - small adjustments)
- Flexible PEI sheets with texture
- Octoprint

How do you interact with the above features?

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Re: to buy the Raise3d Pro2?

Postby crimsonyoshi » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:25 pm

I can't speak to your last two points, but I can answer the first.

First - any print I've done with two different filament types on the same layers at the same time will start with type A on the first layer, then go to type B, and move up a layer. It then prints with type B on the second layer and switches back to type A once B is done on the second layer. Then A again on layer 3 then B, and it repeats. Wipe walls are your friend here!

In IdeaMaker on the extruder tab options, you can specify a z-hop setting. This will lower the build plate by <settable amount> down to 0.001mm when the nozzle stops printing, retracts filament and moves to another location on the same layer both while printing the same filament or nozzle switching. Z-hop can be set to different heights per nozzle.

For in layer printing, again in IdeaMaker, you can set a whole bunch of special instructions on a (or multiple) specific layer(s). Vicky @ Raise3D who frequents these forums has an IdeaMaker user manual posted elsewhere in the forums (and it comes up on a google search). The current version is 3.3.0, that's your best bet to have a quick browse through!

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Re: to buy the Raise3d Pro2?

Postby claytony565 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:54 pm

Point 1:

The lack of adjustable Z-height has proven itself to be somewhat annoying. I have a Prusa MK2S at home and I am constantly adjusting my live z height, but I use the Pro2 at work and it is impossible to tell how far you have adjusted the nozzle with the method used on the Pro2. With that being said, I am only running ABS now on that machine so I have set it to a good squish and left it alone. If you are looking for versatility, then the Pro2 may not be the absolute best option there is. But it sounds like you have achieved that with the Mk3s, if you want something you can print large prints reliably and repeatedly, then the Pro2 excels in that area.

Point 2:

The Pro2 has a removable build plate, but if your layer height is set correctly then prints should pop off with nothing more than some light prying with the included spatula. The buildtak it is supplied with is average at best. parts don't stick nearly as well as the PEI sheet I have on my MK2S, but it gets the job done. I will warn though, when the buildtak has reached the end of its life, it happens quickly and does not work at all when it's dead.

Point 3:

I have not used octoprint, but the Pro2 can connect to the internet and their new RaiseCloud Beta looks like it is a great platform for workflow management.

Overall I am pretty satisfied with the Pro2, there were a few QC issues that I am still dealing with, but I would bet that has improved (we bought the Pro2 the week it was released). It is a great large format machine and for the most part I can start a print and walk away. I am only printing ABS and the pieces I make are usually large and not very complex so this machine fits the bill really well.

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