Polymaker Polysher or Pallette 2?

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EL Cuajinais
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Polymaker Polysher or Pallette 2?

Postby EL Cuajinais » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:51 pm

I kind of want a new 3D printing-related toy and the Polysher and Pallete 2 look like good candidates. Can anyone here who has used either comment? Are there any other exciting FDM 3D-printing accessories out there?

Polymaker Polysher drawbacks:
• The improved nebulizers are out of stock and seem to be almost required to prevent error messages.
• It is a first gen product that looks expensive for what you are actually getting.
• Have read of complaints of the Polysmooth filament clogging nozzles, but I don’t know if that will apply to my N2 with Bondtech.

Pallete 2 drawbacks:
• Software still in development, and I really like using the Ideamaker slicer. I also own Simplyfy3D which I use for special occasions. I am not looking forward to adding another slicer.
• I would be using it for multi-material and PVA supports, both which seem to be less reliable than multicolor.
• No word yet on what will the Raise3D integration entail.
• Added complexity means lowering the reliability of prints

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Re: Polymaker Polysher or Pallette 2?

Postby jmp » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:11 pm

Their cloud software is still in development, but you can still use Chroma as with the current Pallete+. I currently use Simplify 3D and Chroma for my Palette plus prints on my Raise N2+ and it works quite well. I don't think Ideamaker can be used because you can't pick the tool for each stl. The current Palette already works with Raise3D printers so the new one shouldn't be an issue. As for multi material I can't say much but it would probably require more calibration.
I personally have an order in for the Palette 2 pro that I plan to use with my R3D.
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