Can't get this to print. Any advice?

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Can't get this to print. Any advice?

Postby dch » Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:18 pm

I cannot get the Inner and Outer shells to print. I've tried both the one with support and without support. I've tried rafts/brims and also IdeaMaker's supports.

I am printing with R3D Premium Black PLA at 210C and 65C bed. I am printing the model like a bowl. The one without support failed when it started printing the circular area. The one with support (model support, not IdeaMaker support) failed halfway when the support wall broke or something.
Any advice for printing this model?

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Re: Can't get this to print. Any advice?

Postby Wibb » Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:54 am

coppied from the thingiverse page:


Do not use a raft as parts are not prone to warping and make clean up harder, I do use a brim however to aid adhesion.

Instructions as follows:

Print all parts with support touching build plate.
Remove support, however the PokeBall has been designed to hide all supported surfaces, so they should be hidden from view so a smooth finish is not vital for it to look good.
Print the lids with the dome side up like an igloo.
Print the 'Inner Shells' the other way up like a bowl.

Print the 'Button' with the flat surface on the build plate.
Use 3mm or 1.75mm filament as a hinge pin and shape to fit smoothly as in the pictures so it follows the same curve as the back of the ball.
Do a dry fit of all the parts.
Super glue the lids to their respective 'Inner Shells'.
Place the 'Button' inside the 'Outer Button Smaller' with the two bumps positioned downwards to fit into the 'Inner Shell Bottom' and super glue the 'Outer Button Smaller' to the 'Inner Shell Top' being careful not to glue the 'Inner Button' in place as it must be able to be pressed.
Insert the hinge pin attaching the two halves together and glue in place also taking care not to glue the hinge in a fixed position.

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