Constant tweaking - pause overnight

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nick kreigh
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Constant tweaking - pause overnight

Postby nick kreigh » Tue Sep 20, 2022 11:55 am

I have no doubt the Raise 3D Pro2 can print all the materials they claim; but, it requires a care taker just to repeatedly print PLA.

Our printer has been a headache since the first day we got it. It is constantly in need of tweaking. This happens even with the same Raise material (PLA), same printing template, same everything.
Our printer will not print three different files in a row successfully; at some point we will end up with a big ball material that destroys wiring and print head.
Last night I pushed the pause button before leaving (in hopes I would be able to catch any mishaps before it becomes catastrophic during work hours).
Much to my surprise my print end up continuing; does pause only last a certain amount of time?
How can I print a 20 hour job (please do not tell me do it in pieces; we bought this large format to do large pieces) without running it unattended (no we do not have anyone that can check it during the night; no the camera is not useful I live 45 minutes from work)?

Has anyone else found this print to need constant tweaking?
Between the 4 people in my group we print maybe 3 times a month; so we have no one expert. We counted on this printer being as hands off as the Stratus system; SURPRISE!!

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Re: Constant tweaking - pause overnight

Postby ccclarke » Wed Sep 21, 2022 7:36 pm

We had the same inconsistency problem at work- too many people fiddling with the printer (they expected plug-and-play, like a paper printer) and the end result was one printer offline for a year and another that struggled to print consistently.

I saw this as an opportunity to get thrown into the deep end of 3D printing. Parts of the factory documentation were in error or lost in translation, which took a few days to figure out what was really meant in the factory procedures. I repaired the first printer (Pro2+ which had a split flex coupling and needed tuning) and then spent the next six months learning (this site is a gold mine of information with lots of heavy-hitters helping others out.) Once I understood the basics, it wasn’t hard to calibrate the N2 and keep it running.

With two printers running, we ordered a third, and then a fourth. Every so often, we’d have a catastrophic failure, but those can usually be fixed within a day, as long as you have the tools and spares to get it back in operation and clean the heads up afterwards.

My advice is, only have one person assigned to do maintenance on the printer and preferably by someone who understands what’s required and/or willing to take the time to learn how. Build a spares kit with two complete print head assemblies and other replacement parts.

These printers are not, nor never will be load-and-leave without calibration. That means physical and software. Once you get someone who can keep it running, have them train someone else.

Your post doesn’t mention which model of printer you have, but each has its quirks. As much TLC as I put into them, It’s prudent to check on prints throughout the workday. At night, unattended? That’s where good maintenance comes into play. It’s all you can do other than post a watch or install a cheap, IP camera for remote monitoring and an IP-enabled power switch to kill the print if you happen to see it going sideways.

Once you report back with your model and more detail with the types of failures you’re experiencing, someone can chime in with more detailed information.

Constant tweaking should not be required, though vigilance is. You may have a physical issue with the printer or too many chefs working on the meal.
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