Beware mid-print filament change

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Beware mid-print filament change

Postby Vagulus » Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:58 am

On of the features of the Pro2 which attracted me to the machine was its capability to pause on filament runout and pick up where it left off after filament replacement. On two occasions recently I have followed the Raise3D Tutorial (How to Reload Filament After Runout Raise Academy.mp4) only to find the extrusion stalls at the point where the new filament enters the nozzle. This has the nasty effect of giving you a two-part part which is probably not what you are looking for. :lol: Last night I happened to catch it in the act and saved a 42-hour print at the 35-hour mark. I would have been somewhat miffed to have lost 35 hours of printing. (Before someone yells, I purged the nozzle for a couple of minutes before resuming the print. Obviously not long enough but then, how am I to know that I am now using the new reel of filament?)

So ...

From now on, on runout, I unload the nozzle manually then reload it normally.

I recommend others do the same. It requires some fancy footwork with the tweezers to clear purged material from the nozzle but that is better than a two-piece print! :?
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Re: Beware mid-print filament change

Postby EldRick » Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:25 pm

Just cut the filament a cm above the printhead, then follow the old filament into the printhead with the new one, while the print continues. No interruptions, no pausing, no failures from this in years on many long prints. Pause and reload is an unreliable loser.

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