What are the major uses of 3D printing?

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What are the major uses of 3D printing?

Postby 3dtech » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:36 am

3D Printing applications cover various sectors from education to industry, and the whole value chain from prototypes to spare part management. In this page, you'll learn how Sculpteo online 3D printing service can help you develop faster, produce better and improve your business. A section focus also on personal uses of 3D Printing. 3d printing service in kerala, karnataka


Major Uses of 3D Printing :

3d printing in architecture industry: Beautiful and durable models for conception and promotion of construction industry.

Maritime Industry: Prototypes and improved spare part management for shipbuilding

3d printing medical applications: Surgical guides, custom prosthetics and education models for medical professionals 3d printing in medicine articles

Chemical Industry: Enlargement of molecular structures and mechanical parts for laboratory tooling.

benefits of 3d printing in education & learning models: Bridge theory and reality by making objects with 3D Printing for Schools. Train your students to design real products.

Aeronautics: Prototypes and functional production parts for planes, drones and satellites. Check aeronautics and aerospace applications.

3d printed art &sculptures

custom 3d printed jewelry & fashion

3d printed toys games & puzzles

most useful 3d printed household objects

Microscale and nanoscale 3D printing, Cloud-based additive manufacturing, Mass customization, Rapid manufacturing & prototyping, Food, Research, Medical applications, Agile tooling, in industries Apparel, Jewelry Industry, Automotive industry, Construction, Firearms, in Medical Medical devices, Bio-printing & Pills, Computers and robots, Space, in Socialculture Art, Communication & Domestic use, Education and research, Environmental use, Cultural Heritage and for Specialty materials 3D printing can be used.

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