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Assign File to Group

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2022 11:28 pm
by Brad
Hi Guys,

With my fleet of Raise machines, I now how 3 different types of machines (N1, N2, Plus and Pro2), as well as other machines.

One thing I would like to see introduced is the ability to assign an uploaded slice to a group.

For example, upload myprint.gocde to the cloud then assign it to only be able to be manufactured on machines under the (example) group label of Raise3d N2 Plus 0.8mm.

This way when I am going through my upcoming prints, its much more efficient and less prone to mistake of say sending a 0.4mm nozzle print to a 0.8mm nozzle printer, or to a different brand of printer all together.



Re: Assign File to Group

Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2022 8:51 pm
by Vicky@Raise3D
Thanks for reaching to us!
The request has been submitted to developing team to review. Once approved, it will be added into developing list.