Filament Use Inaccuracies

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Filament Use Inaccuracies

Postby Michael_3D » Tue Aug 11, 2020 6:42 pm

One of the promising aspects of getting the E2 was that of seeing how much of each type of filament is used - displaying on the cloud. However, it is strange as to what is displaying. My machine has been printing repeatedly every 3.5 hours, I just repeat the same job because I have so many of the same model needed. However, on the cloud it doesn't detect that it has printed in the past few days. Is there a "trick" to making it display? Such as the print job being in a que, or sent to the cloud etc.


Here is a screenshot of what the cloud is showing and I have gone through a half a roll if not more on the time shown as a flatline.
filament use showing.png
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Re: Filament Use Inaccuracies

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:46 pm

Thanks for reaching to us. Sorry for the issue.
We are currently trying to fix the filament counting bug. We will release a fixed version once we get some progress.

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