Filament gets stuck in run-out sensor over and over again

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Filament gets stuck in run-out sensor over and over again

Postby LeButch » Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:44 am

Hi there,

I have been using the Raise3d Pro2 for half a year now. Had no major issues with it until now.

A week ago, I left a long print running through the night.
The next day, my printer was still printing, but no filament came out of the nozzle.
Unloading the filament did not work either.

After further investigation, I noticed the filament (1,75mm PLA) was stuck in the metal front part of the filament run-out-sensor: ... nsor-cover

I dismanteled the part and tried to pull out the filament. No chance. When I tried using pliers, the filament ripped.
I finally got it out by heating up the metal part while carefully pulling on the filament.

Issue resolved, I thought, so I put the part back where it belongs.
Well, yesterday, it happened again. Exact same problem, exact same solution.
(Left extruder was stuck both times)

I saw no damages whatsoever on the metal part, but 2 times in a row can't be coincidence.

Do you have any suggestions on how to identify/solve the problem?

I am thankful for every suggestion

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Re: Filament gets stuck in run-out sensor over and over again

Postby ccclarke » Thu Aug 04, 2022 12:18 am

What did you see when you lifted the filament tension cover on the side of the extruder? Did the filament make it through the hob gear or did it jam above it? Did you compare both run-out sensors to see if one was damaged? Have you blown air through the hob gears to remove old filament debris?

Not sure what you mean by "metal part"? Do you mean the heater block? If that's what's you're heating to pull the filament out, your filament sensor isn't likely the problem; you're probably experiencing heat creep, where melted filament rises up the throat tube, cools and solidifies, stopping the print. The easiest way to remove the filament is use the Unload command while pulling on the filament with no tension on the extruder hob gear (cover open.) The reason you pull it manually is because if you have a heat creep failure during a long print, the hob gear has likely chewed through the filament when it stopped and a standard unload operation can't move the filament using the extruder.

If heat creep is the problem, you will need to ensure the print head is assembled properly, the fans are running properly, and a Load command purges all of the accumulated (pooled up) molten filament. If a Load command doesn't work, you need to diassemble the head and clean the filament path using the supplied tools. (This assumes the extruder's hob gear is turning properly.)

It's also a good idea to use compressed air to clean out the accumlated debris in the extruder hob gears occasionally too.

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