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Bearings Noise

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2021 5:36 pm
by willrsawyer
I'm getting an absurd amount of noise seemingly from the bearings adjacent to the stepper motor on the back rod. It whines every times there's a change in the y direction and has a bit of a reverb whine during consistent movement. That stepper motor is heating up to the point that you can't really touch it either. It seems to me that the bearing is shot there. I don't want to wait for the motor to die before addressing it either.

1)Has anyone had similar issues with the bearings?
2)Without tearing my machine apart, can anyone tell me what the bearing types are? I'd prefer to have new ones in hand to minimize my down time.

Raise3D seems to have remarkably little information on those bearings, and how to replace them, doesn't have them as a purchasable spare part, and doesn't address them as a point of failure, which is odd, because bearings wear out, that's what they do.